Monday, August 30, 2010

Spring Rolls & Salsa

This is one of my personal favorites! I just love these rolls like anything, especially with this Salsa, they taste amazingly delicious. A must try.. I bet you won't regret trying this recipe.

Spring Rolls
Chicken boiled and shredded 1/2 cup
Cabbage cut in julienne 1 cup
Carrot cut in julienne 1/2 cup
Capsicum cut in julienne without seeds 1/2 cup
Spring Onions (green part) chopped 2
Green Chillies 3 chopped
Chinese Salt 1 tsp
Soy Sauce 2 tbsp
Salt 1 tsp
Crushed Black Pepper 1/2 tsp
Cornflour 1 tsp dissolved in 1/4 cup water
Oil 2 tbsp
Spring Roll Sheets

Heat oil in a wok, add all the above vegetables fry for few minutes. Add chicken, green chillies and all the above seasoning, mix well on high flame. Add dissolved cornflour fry for 3-4 minutes more till the mixture combines. Remove from stove. Let the mixture cool on room temperature.

Add some mixture in spring rolls sheet. Make them like a roll.

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And deep fry them until golden brown in color.

Garlic chopped 2-3 cloves finally chopped
Green Chillies 2-3 finally chopped
Salt as required
Sugar 1 tsp
Lemon Juice 1 tsp
Soy Sauce 1 tsp
White Vinegar 1 tsp
Pounded Chili Flakes 1 tsp
Tomato Ketchup 4 tbsp
Chili Garlic Sauce 4 tbsp

Mix it all together in a bowl, and serve it with Spring Rolls, or any other Fried items.

Spring Rolls and Salsa

Friday, August 27, 2010

Chicken Manchurian & Egg Fried Rice

You will fall in love with these two recipes. They're very easy to follow. A simple and great choice for emergencies like lack of time or tight schedule. Do try 'em and give me your feedback.

Egg Fried Rice

Rice boiled 1/2 kg
Egg 4 (beaten with 1/2 tsp salt)
Spring Onions chopped 2 (green part only)
Carrots 2 medium chopped
Chinese Salt 1 1/2 tsp
Black Pepper 1 tsp
Salt 1 tsp
Soy Sauce 1/4 cup
Oil 5-6 tbsp
Sesame oil 1 tbsp

  1. Boil rice till 3/4 done. Keep aside and let them cool.
  2. Heat oil in a pan, add beaten eggs and stir immediately to make it like scrambled eggs.
  3. When done, add chopped carrots, all the above seasoning and add boiled rice. 
  4. Add sesame oil, cook it for 2 minutes more, toss it well. And serve. 

Chicken Manchurian

Column 1:
Chicken 1 cup boneless (cut into cubes)
Salt 1/2 tsp
Ginger Paste 1/2 tsp
Garlic Paste 1/2 tsp
Pounded Chili Flakes 1 tsp

Step 1: Marinate Chicken pieces with all the ingredients in column 1 and keep for an hour.

Column 2:
Oil 1/3 cup
Ginger & Garlic chopped 1 tsp each
Ketchup 3 tbsp
Salt 1/2 tsp
Chinese Salt 1 tsp
Chili Pounded Flakes 1 tsp
Cornflour 1 tbsp
Stock 1/2 cup
White Vinegar 1 tbsp
White Pepper 1/4 tsp
Sesame Oil 1 tsp

  1. Heat oil, add chopped ginger and garlic, fry till golden brown. 
  2. Add the marinated chicken fry well, when done, add the rest of the seasonings and stock.
  3. Let it simmer than add dissolved cornflour. 
  4. Cook until gravy is slightly thick. Add Sesame Oil, cook for another 2 minutes.
  5. Remove from stove and serve on sizzler or individual. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chocolate Brownies

This is one of the most easiest and yummiest brownies recipe I have. I simply love it, especially when it rains, brownies with coffee is all I crave for. Even without frosting or walnuts they taste delish.. I don't like walnuts in brownies so I made them w/o it. Though I'm adding in recipe the amount, in case if you want to add it.

They are fudgy, irresistible... and they just melts in your mouth. Even if you are not a very good cook, these brownies will come out Perfect.. 

A must try!

Butter 100 grams
Cocoa powder 3 tbsp
Eggs 2
Granulated sugar 1 cup
All Purpose Flour 3/4 cup
Baking powder 1/4 tsp
Walnuts chopped 1/2 cup
Salt a pinch

  1. In a saucepan, melt butter and cocoa powder, keep stirring as it melts. Do not cook. Remove from stove.
  2. Beat eggs until light and fluffy, add sugar keep beating on medium speed for 4-5 minutes. 
  3. Sieve all purpose flour and baking powder twice, fold it in the eggs mixture. Add a pinch of salt.
  4. Add melted butter and cocoa powder. Mix well.
  5. Add chopped walnuts (take 1 tbsp flour from 3/4 cup and dust chopped walnuts with it) than fold.
  6. Pour this batter into greased 8*8 inch square pan. Bake in preheated oven at 180° C for about 18-20 minutes. 
  7. Keep checking after 15 minutes, in case if it's done early. My oven takes around 18-20 minutes approx. 
  8. Cut in squares and serve. 

Friday, August 20, 2010

Paapri Chaat

Last Ramadan when my sister was here in Pakistan, she taught me this delicious Paapri Chaat and since then it's equally famous among my family and extended family members.

Paapri Chaat is a mouth watering North Indian fast food, relished by most of the people. It can be found easily on the roadside food carts all over India & Pakistan. 

In the realm of chaat recipes, Paapri Chaat, is a favorite. The chutney drizzled on a bed of chickpeas, boiled potatoes, lends a sweet, tangy and savory note, further fortified with beaten yogurt and finished with chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves and Paapri, adding crunch to the hearty chaat. A crowd-pleasing appetizer recipe that is quick to fix provided you have done some preparation work ahead. Wow your guests by artfully arranging the papdi with zesty toppings and vibrant garnishes for an impressive beginning to a dinner or lunch.

Paapri Chaat 

Paapri Chaat

Chickpeas 250 grams (boiled)
Salt ½ tsp
Red chili flakes ½ tsp
Crushed coriander ¼ tsp
Crushed zeera ¼ tsp
Khatti Meethi Chutney 6-7 tbsp (or according to your taste)
Yogurt (beaten) 4-5 tbsp
Chaat masala 1 tsp
Potato boiled 1 medium (cut into cubes)
Onion chopped 1 small
Tomato chopped 1 small (without seeds)
Coriander leaves chopped for garnishing
Green chillies 2 finely chopped
Paapri (ready made) 3/4 cup

Ingredients for Khatti Meethi Chatni:
Dates 4 ounces
Tamarind pulp ½ cup
Water 1 cup
Salt 1 tsp
Sugar 1 tbsp
Chili powder 1 tsp
White cumin 1 tsp
Garlic paste 1 tsp
Soak 4 ounces dates in 1 cup water for 1 hour, drain, remove seeds. And blend rest of the ingredients and soak dates till smooth.

How to Assemble:
Mix chickpeas and boiled potatoes in a serving platter with salt, red chili flakes, crushed zeera and crushed coriander. Drizzle Khatti Meethi Chatni, beaten yogurt (don't mix it, just drizzle on top). Sprinkle chopped onion, tomato, green chillies, crushed paapri, chaat masala and coriander leaves on top. And serve immediately.

NOTE: Prepare this Chaat, and add Paapri few minutes before serving otherwise it will become soggy.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Homemade Chocolate Ripple Icecream

Chocolate Ice cream is truly a delicious treat....soft, smooth and silky! Only 5 ingredients stand between you and this irresistible ice cream. Its rich velvety texture won't let you stop eating it. It can be served as Sundae, or a Banana Split or you can also use it in milkshakes.

It's so easy and a must try to beat the heat of Summer.


Evaporated milk 1 can (large)
Sweetened condensed milk 1 can (large)
Fresh cream 3 cups whipped
Cocoa powder 3 tbsp (mix into ¼ cup of milk and make a thick paste)
Hershey's chocolate syrup 4-5 tbsp (optional)


  1. Chill evaporated milk in fridge for at least 6 hours.
  2.  Beat it till thick and fluffy, add in condensed milk, cocoa powder dissolved in milk.
  3. Now take separate bowl, whip cream till thick fold it into evaporated milk mixture.
  4. Pour in container and freeze it for 4-6 hours. 
  5. Take it out, swirl hershey's chocolate syrup on top and make design with fork, cover and freeze it again over night or at least 6-8 hours.
  6. Serve with whipped cream, chocolate chips and chocolate wafers! 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chicken Zinger Burger

Chicken Zinger Burger
Chicken (Breast Boneless) 4 
Salt ½ tsp
Black pepper ½ tsp
Garlic paste 1 tsp
Ketchup 1tbsp
Chili sauce 2 tbsp

Marinate chicken with all the above ingredients, and keep aside for 4-5 hours. Preferable overnight for best results.

Ingredients for Batter:
Self raising flour 4 tbsp
Corn flour 4 tbsp
Baking powder 1/2 tsp
Salt 1/2 tsp
White pepper 1/2 tsp
Paprika powder 1/2 tsp
Chili sauce 2 tbsp
Chilled Milk to make batter

Garlic powder 1/4 tsp

Make thick batter but in pouring consistency with all the above ingredients.

Self raising flour 1 cup
Burger buns 4
Salad leaves 4
Cheese slices 4

Ingredients for sauce:
Mayonnaise 5 tbsp
White vinegar 2 tbsp


Mix mayonnaise and white vinegar together.

Dip marinated chicken in the batter and coat 5-6 times in self raising flour each side. Deep fry till golden brown and crispy. Apply butter on one bun and mayonnaise (plain) on another side, place lettuce leave, fried chicken, spoonful of sauce and other bun. Serve with french fries.

Chicken Zinger Burger

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chocolate Mousse

Mousse is derived from the French word mousse which means 'lather' or 'foam', it can be range from light and fluffy to creamy and thick. This incredible & luxurious mousse is simply irresistible.

You have to try this recipe. It's worth every single minute of effort.


Gelatin 1 tbsp
Water 1/4 cup
Eggs 3
Caster sugar 6 tbsp
Cooking chocolate 100 grams
Milk 1/4 cup
Cocoa powder 1 tbps
Butter 50 grams
Vanilla essence 1/2 tsp
Fresh cream 200 grams (chilled and whipped till fluffy)


  1. Dissolve gelatin with 1/4 cup water on low flame for strictly 2 minutes.
  2. Melt chocolate, milk, and cocoa powder on low flame till smooth. Add in melted gelatin stir well.
  3. Beat eggs well till light and fluffy, add 2 tbsp caster sugar at a time continue beating on medium speed.
  4. Fold melted chocolate mixture in beaten eggs with spatula, add whipped fresh cream fold it lightly. Pour in individual serving cups and refrigerate. 
  5. Decorate with chocolate curls or whipped cream.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Famous Street Food of Pakistan - Bun Kabab

Bun Kabab is an authentic Pakistani sandwich, served with chutney. It is usually found in road side stalls and in restaurants. Bun Kabab consists of a spicy patty which is shallow-fried, onions, tomatoes, cucumber and chutney or raita in a burger bun or hotdog bun.

Unlike a beef patty, the bun kabab is mixed with ground lentils, powdered cumin seeds, and an egg batter into a mixture which is then fried in ghee or oil. One may find bun kabab at vendor stalls throughout Pakistan.

The patty can be made of chicken, potatoes, beef or mutton. The beef and egg recipe though is the most popular, especially with the street vendors of bun kabab.


Channa daal 1 cup (boil with white cumin seeds 1/2 tsp, black cumin seeds 1/2 tsp, salt 1 tsp, water 2 cups, red chili powder 1/2 tsp till tender and grind it.)
Boiled and mashed Potatoes 4 medium size 
Red chili powder 1/2 tsp
Salt 1/2 tsp
Garam masala 1/2 tsp
Egg white beaten 2
Burger buns 
Cucumber 1 sliced
Tomatoes 1 sliced
Onion 1 sliced


  1. Mix channa daal and mashed potatoes together, add in salt, red chili powder, and garam masala. 
  2. Mix well, the mixture should be firm enough to shape into patties.
  3.  Take some of the mixture in your hands, and shape into burger patties.
4. Beat egg whites till foamy.
5. Heat oil in a pan.
6. And shallow fry patties till light golden in color.

7. Cut the burger buns from the center.
8. Slice tomatoes, onion and cucumber.
9. Toast burger buns in a pan (with/without oil or butter), apply chutney on both sides place the fried burger patty, put cucumber, tomatoes, and onion rings. Add 1 tbsp chutney on above.  
10. Cut from the center and serve.

Ingredients for Chutney:

Salt 1 tsp
Green chillies 4
Coriander leaves 1 bunch
Yogurt 3 tbsp
Tomato 1
Khatai Powder 1/2 tsp
Mint leaves 1/2 bunch
Garlic paste 1/2 tsp 

Add all the ingredients in the blender, and blend it till smooth.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thai Chicken Chili Dry & Garlic Fried Rice

My family and friends know about my love for Chinese and Thai cuisine. One day I watched this recipe on Shireen Anwar’s show Masala Mornings who happened to be my teacher too. So thought of giving it a try. This is similar to what I used to have in Cafe Zouk, so yes it does save my 600 bucks now because I can make it. 
Follow the recipe.
Thai Chicken Chili Dry
Oil 2-3 tbs
Boneless chicken 1/2 kg (thinly sliced)
Crushed garlic 1 tbsp
Red chillies and green chillies fresh 4 each (sliced)
White pepper 1/2 tsp
Salt 1 tsp
Red chilli pounded 1 tsp
Ginger juliene sliced 1 tbsp
Mushrooms 5-6 (sliced)
Fish Sauce 1 tbsp
White Vinegar 2 tbsp
Soy sauce 2 tbsp
Oyster sauce 2 tbsp
Spring onion 2-3 tbsp
  1. Heat oil in a wok, add crushed garlic, fry a little till light golden brown. 
  2. Add boneless chicken, saute till tender and water dries. 
  3. Put in salt, white pepper, red chilli pounded, mushrooms, ginger, fish sauce, white vinegar, soya sauce, oyster sauce, stir well.
  4. Add sliced green and red chillies. 
  5. Add spring onions in the end and serve with garlic rice.
Garlic Fried Rice
Rice 1/2 kg  (boiled)
Soy sauce 1 tbsp
Salt 1½ tsp

Crushed garlic 2 tbsp heaped
White pepper 1/2 tsp
Oil 2 tbsp
  1.  Heat oil, add crushed garlic, fry till golden brown. 
  2. Add boiled rice and all the above seasoning. 
  3. Toss the rice well for 2-3 minutes and serve.
Tip: I do add 1 tsp of sesame oil in every Chinese and Thai dishes even in soups, when they are completely cooked. It does add the special aroma and taste to your cuisine. Do try that!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Coconut Truffles

I was really bored yesterday and was craving for something sweet. Oh, by the way, let me tell you all that I do have a sweet tooth and I can never resist sweet or chocolates, they are my guilty pleasure (haha). So I thought of making something sweet but at the same time quick!
So I went straight into the kitchen and to kill my boredom made Coconut Truffles, they're very easy and can be made within an hour, sharing the amazing and my most favorite recipe with y'll.

Desiccated Coconut 1 1/2 cup
Sweet Condensed Milk 1/4 cup
Icing Sugar 1/2 cup
Cooking Chocolate for coating

  1. Mix desiccated coconut, icing sugar and condensed milk in a bowl. 
  2. Make small balls with gentle hands and freeze them for an hour.
  3. Melt cooking chocolate on hot-water bath or double boiled till smooth. Let it cool for around 4-6 minutes then dip coconut balls in melted chocolate with the help of two forks, drip all the excess chocolate, take it out.
  4. Place them on a butter paper or in any dish.
  5. Sprinkle desiccated coconut on top or roll it in coconut (your choice).
  6. Allow the truffles to set in room temperature for a while then refrigerate it. 
  7. Serve when chilled.



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