Thursday, October 7, 2010


You need to prepare:
Vanilla Custard
Strawberry Jelly
Banana Jelly
Grapes Jelly
Pineapple chunks
Banana sliced
Mangoes (or you can use any seasonal fruits of your choice)
Colored Vermicelli boiled ½ cup
Cream 4 tbsp
Plain Cake
Whipped Cream for decoration
Cherries for decoration

Assembling from bottom to top:
Set grapes jelly as directed on the back of box, on the bottom of your serving bowl, refrigerate till it sets.

Make custard as per directions on the back of box. Let it cool, cut all the fruits, add in custard with 4 tbsp cream and boiled vermicelli, mix them well.

Add a layer of sliced plain cakes, soak them with any desired fruit juice, or milk, add another layer of fruit custard.

Cut jelly into squares add them roughly on custard layers, put another layer of plain cake, and last layer of custard.

Decorate with whipped cream, cherries and jelly.


  1. Thank you so much mehvish for sharing this recipe it looks delicious:) and the presentation is so beautiful I will definitely make it tomorrow

  2. em definitely gonna try it tomorrow :)

  3. wish i could be your guest for a WEEK:D

  4. Aww :) Do let me know your feedback




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